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English Art Workshop Semester




2 hours / 7 Weeks

About the Course

Group Maxi (8-12 Yrs)

This 7 week fine art program encourages artistic expression through drawing, painting, printmaking , collage, mixed media and sculpture culminating in a gallery style exhibit of student art at the end of the program. Students will be supported and nurtured in a comfortable environment and build confidence while they create and learn to speak about their creations in English. We will explore the elements and principles of art through a wide range of projects and fun activities that enhances social skills and language acquisition.


This class blends fine art techniques with your child’s own creative expression. We expose students to aspects of art history, current art makers, and the elements of art (line, space, color, balance, etc.), while letting them run a little wild with their own imagination. We paint, we draw, we tinker & build using fine art materials like watercolors, richly pigmented chalk & oil pastels, tempera + acrylic paints, and unique surfaces, tools and heavyweight papers.


Your Instructor



Hi everyone!! My name is Chris and I’ve spent the last 18 years traveling the world, teaching and creating my own art. As a Jamaican-American teaching Art and Photography in Miami for 11 years and English in Turkey for the last 7 years, I understand very well the importance of language acquisition particularly through ART. Learning a new language and a new skill can be intimidating and I am incredibly passionate about teaching both in a fun and pressure free environment. My focus is always the journey, the process and the overall experience which also supports natural language acquisition. So, if you’re interested in learning about new music, cultures, language and people then I can’t wait to meet you all and have fun making some cool art together.

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